Hi Friends.
We're so glad for the opportunity to get to know each other. We're Megan and Trafford, a husband and wife luxury wedding documentary team and we know first hand how important telling your love story is. After 12 years of marriage, we use our partnership to work together as a photography and cinematography team to document one of the most pivotal moments of your life. Our heart is to tell the story of your wedding day in a way that allows you to relive some of your most precious memories over and over again and we are continually humbled by the opportunity to be alongside you in your journey.

We know the importance of who you decide to invite along with you on your wedding day and strive to be a constant support system for not only your wedding day, but your marriage.

We're Megan + Trafford

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The Beauty of a Team

We believe whole-heartedly in the beauty of a husband and wife team. We use the teamwork and partnership that we've been building on in our marriage to work together to document your day.

Hybrid Photography

We are head over heels in love with the process, from start to finish. We take time getting to know each and every one of our clients as people so that we can most accurately document what makes them unique.
Megan is a hybrid photographer which means she shoots both film and digital. Film photography is what makes her work timeless and elegant and has completely changed the way she approaches shooting. In incorporating film into her work, she is a more purposeful photographer which is such a key part in how she approaches a wedding day.


We are extremely unique in the fact that we offer both photography and cinematography for the most complete way to document your big day. We prioritize making sure that your day feels as effortless as possible and our biggest perk is that we work together as a unit when documenting your day.
We won't take more time than necessary when documenting your day which means you get to spend more time doing the most important thing on your wedding day, which is spending the day with the people you love most, and less time being pulled away from that.